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The Training Center began operating in July 19th, 2001 in conjunction with the Pan American Foundation for Development (FUPAD), the OEA and COMPAQ. Approval of the District Department of Education Resolution No. 0620 of July 17th, 2009; Our objective is to benefit young people from the most vulnerable sectors of Cartagena, providing technical and computing training, according to the needs of the labor market. 


At the Institute, students and graduates will be able to take advantage of the comprehensive training program allowing them to demonstrate their ability to think critically, make important decisions, efficiently utilize resources. Additionally, the teamwork-based exercises will promote the development of a creative attitude, as well as strong communication, conflict resolution, and investigative skills. Following the completion of our courses, graduates will be well positioned to obtain employment in high potential economic sectors.


The Employment Training Institute of Fundacíon Indufrial, through its educational programs for work and human development, has as its mission the technical and permanent formation of human talent, centered on the development of basic and specific skills, promoting the generation of skills and abilities by applying practical knowledge to the solution of real problems in accordance with the needs of the entrepreneurial sector of the city of Cartagena. This program has the goal of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of all who we educate, their families and the modernization of the productive sectors.


By 2019, the Employment Training Institute, as a educating and transforming entity, will be dynamically orienting the processes articulated of teaching, investigation and technical assistance for the entrepreneurship and the employment relations, in the scientific, technological, social and environmental fields, to contribute to the development of positioning of the region in a highly competitive scenario, building their cultural identity and improving the quality of life of the population in its area of influence especially in the northern Colombian departments of Bolívar and Atlántico..

Our programs you have two components, the Academic component comprising the Technical-Practical capitation and labor component which has been obtained much satisfaction as her students have the opportunity to develop values such as sense of responsibility, punctuality, honesty etc; considering that this participation in the labor field allows you to become familiar with the environment in which it is located, maintain relationships with the working group and more likely to gain employment.

The Institute’s programs are focused on promoting employment and social development, and are committed to the necessary training to assist with unique and challenging problems in the educational, personal, emotional areas of young peoples’ lives. The Institute offers the necessary comprehensive education in a world where academic and occupational competitiveness is rapidly growing.

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