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Credit is an essential for the revitalization of the whole economy instrument is why it is essential to offer this service in a quick and timely manner to the communities who need it, especially those due to low income or have no business casual they may have a bank loan. 

The Indufrial Foundation through the Department of Microcredit offers financing solutions for micro located in Cartagena, Turbaco, Arjona, Turbana, San Juan Nepomuceno, San Jacinto Bolívar y El Carmen de Bolívar.


The Microfinance department supports the business community of the city of Cartagena and neighboring municipalities with several financing and microloan products, and has experience working with a diverse array of small businesses in the area:


  • Convenience stores

  • Stationery stores

  • Perfume stores

  • Restaurants

  • Cafes

  • Workshops


Through these engagements, Fundación Indufrial seeks to promote the development of the region’s small businesses, especially by helping them overcome economic downturns in this vulnerable sector that has historically lacked access to traditional sources of credit through formal financial institutions. While Fundación Indufrial places full trust in confidence in the abilities of the small business owners, loan clients can take advantage of a wide range of management and technical courses and seminars that will allow them to make advised, prudent decisions as their enterprises develop and expand.

Type Of Credit

Small Business Loans

  Designed for the owners of small businesses, It is not necessary to have a brick-and-mortar locale, and eligible business can engage in commercial, industrial, or service-based activities.

Parallel Microcredit

 Designed for returning clients with a solid payment history and a need for working capital for a specified time period, or to take advantage of a unique business opportunity.

Payroll Loan

Carried out through existing agreements with certain companies to directly deduct loan payments from a borrower’s payroll.



  • Rapid credit approval, depending on your business’s financing needs

  • Low interest rates

  • Fixed, monthly payments

  • Loan repayment terms of up to 24 months

  • Flexible contracts

  • Discounts on interest for early repayment

  • Access to a new credit after 50% of the payments of the existing loan are made

  • Free training through hands-on seminars and workshops that provides you with additional tools to manage your business

  • Discounts for referrals

  • Credit line increase with timely payments

  • Special course enrollment discounts at the Center for Employment Training


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