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The Center for Metal and Woodworking is a program that is supported by the smaller metalworking and woodworking workshops, and operates through recruitment from the academic and industrial sectors of the city.



We count on young assistants in our workshops that have been trained in welding, refrigeration, and industrial maintenance in the Institute for Employment Training founded by Enrique Zurek Mesa. 

They are participants in some of the production processes Indufrial S.A. and private companies that contract to a particular line.


Some of these young workers are endorsed through Fundación Indufrial to work within their specialty in the factories, with the intention of obtaining steady income in addition to the experience that they gain. This serves as a helpful base from which they can build their own business in the future..



The young workers, typically from the poorer segments of the population in which Fundación Indufrial is active, design and create wood furniture such as cupboards and tables at the factory.

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